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Our Theory of Change

Resilience-based stewardship of the Manafwa watershed implies actions throughout the entire watershed and with all stakeholders. In Manafwa, most problems originate in the upland area due to deforestation, encroachment on the national park, and overly intensive cultivation of farmland. Therefore, in our Theory of Change, this is the area to be tackled first: with the protection and restoration of the National Park as a resilient biodiverse buffer in the watershed, and with good stewardship of the farmland in this area to avoid further encroachment on the park and further degradation of the land and its natural resources. A more resilient upland area, with good practices in place, strengthened institutions, an increase in tree-cover and a more biodiverse landscape, is the basis for further (later) activities elsewhere in the watershed

To lay a solid foundation for resilient farming, with motivated people and healthy land. This will make farmers intrinsically motivated to invest in resilient farming and PIP activities and enhance collaboration in villages for good stewardship and improved livelihoods.

To achieve good stewardship of natural resources in the villages and in the National Park. This will lead to more environmental awareness and action in the villages, especially by the youth and collective action will be undertaken in the villages to restore and conserve natural resources.

To create an enabling environment for further up-scaling of resilience-based stewardship. This will enable stakeholders in the watershed to become willing and ready for up-scaling to other areas evidence of which is available on how PIP fosters resilience-based stewardship of watersheds .